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Serving Process on Businesses, Registered Agents, and Employers in Sheridan, Wyoming 82801

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Service of process within Sheridan, Wyoming.

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With Our Years of Experience, Our Team has the Knowledge and Expertise to Ensure Professional, Accurate, High Quality Service

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Knowledge That Can Serve Your Needs

Our process servers are well-versed in the processes, laws, ordinances, statutes, rules, and regulations of Service of Process. 

Experienced Servers

Our servers are trained to perform service according to the rules of civil procedure.


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Our order form saves valuable time by allowing you to provide case details and upload documents all at once.

Knowledge That Can Serve Your Needs

Expect our Process Servers to be self-sufficient and knowledgable.

Wyoming Process Service for Various Types of Cases

  • Contract Disputes

  • Equitable Claims

  • Class Actions

  • Divorce and Family Law

  • Government

  • Property

  • Torts

  • Tenancy Issues

  • and Many Others

We Can Effectuate Service on Many Types of Documents

  • Summons and Complaint

  • Subpoena

  • Order to Appear

  • Writ of Garnishment

  • Restraining Orders

  • Cease and Desist

  • Bank Levies

  • Wage Garnishments

  • and Any Other Legal Document

Servers Located In Wyoming

Wyoming Process Servers Serving For Any Jurisdiction

Local Courts

Small Claims,


State Courts

County, Judicial

Federal Courts

U.S. District

Our Wyoming process servers have the ability to serve both in state and out of state clients. We have experience serving for many jurisdictions on several levels of courts. Anything from small claims in a local court to complex civil suits in federal district courts. In some cases, depending on court rules, we can serve for courts outside of the United States.​


We provide various legal services to help meet your case needs. Our primary process serving service can be supplemented or distinct from our additional services.


Accurate and reliable researchers and court retrievers.

We can conduct both criminal and civil searches using Wyoming's public access terminals (PAT) at the local courthouse in Sheridan, Wyoming. This terminal can give access to Wyoming courts in all counties.


On-Demand in person verification.

We can be your eyes in Wyoming anytime anywhere to verify assets, confirm collateral, inspect a scene and asses condition. We can help if you work in insurance, a financial institution, or buying an asset and located outside the state of Wyoming.


Holidays, weekends, or after-hours.

Our bonded notaries are available during unconventional hours to offer a mobile notary service. Any document anywhere. No need to come to an office. 


We find the facts.

Our Wyoming investigations team can find out the facts and provide you with documentation related to your request. We have routinely performed investigations ranging from small time to complex cyber cases.

How Service of Process Works

A Wyoming process server follows court rules relating to the jurisdiction in which the papers are originating. Generally, the method and function is the same with small changes from state to state.

Once a case is filed, the clerk of court will create a summons. Some courts require a process server to be appointed.  Which can be as simple as telling the clerk who you choose to serve the documents.

Case Filed

A process server receives the summons and complaint or any other relevant documents. Either through email, mail, or picking up at the court house.

Receives Documents

The process server then locates the named party and attempts to serve the individual or entity.  Sometimes a co-resident of the named individual can be served.

Locate Named Party

Once service of process has been effectuated, the server will create a proof of service/ affidavit of service which will need to be filed with the court to show the parties have been notified of the lawsuit.

After Service

This is not an exact method, but a generalization. Each situation is unique based on numerous determining such as jurisdiction, type of document, and others. 


Expertise in the process serving industry

Our knowledge and expertise can help you with all of your Wyoming process server needs. We have provided numerous successful serves for individuals, law firms, lawyers, and government agencies. Feel free to contact to see how we can serve you by serving others.

Additional Cities We Can Serve:

Our primary service area is specifically Sheridan County, Wyoming in the zip code 82801. There are situations that we may be able to serve process in locations close to our operating area. Below is a list of cities we can serve under special circumstances. Contact us if you need service in any of these locations to see if our availability can meet your needs.

Hot Springs County
  • Arvada, WY

  • Banner, WY

  • Leiter, WY

  • Parkman, WY

  • Story, WY

  • Ucross, WY

  • Ulm, WY

  • Wolf, WY

  • Wyarno, WY

Freemont County


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