Who Can Serve Process In Wyoming

 Anyone over the age of 18 and is not a party to the lawsuit can serve process in Wyoming.


Does a process server need to be registered?

Wyoming does not require process servers to be regisered or maintain a registration number.

Does the court need to approve a process server?

Once a complaint is filed, the clerk will issue a summons. Some jurisdictions require a process server to be approved by the court. This can be as simple as notifying the clerk who will be serving. Wyoming District Courts do not require approval. Certain Circuit Courts, such as Sheridan County, require the court to approve the person serving papers.

Why choose a private process server?

A private process server has its benefits.  Private process servers may have more knowledge and experience locating default defendants. Private process servers can use alternative methods when locating defendants. Individuals may be reluctant to answer the door to a person with red and blue lights wearing a uniform. Lower cost and faster. A private process server typically have higher success.

Is it faster?

A private process server is more efficient due to specializing in one specific area. You will save time with a private process server. You can call the office and get immediate status reports on your case.