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Services for private individuals, insurance agencies, lawyers, and corporations.

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Court Research and Retrival Fees

Every case varies in complexity. Call us today to discuss your Wyoming investigation needs.

Our Practice

Our court researchers look can retrieve documents form Wyoming's public access terminals (PAT)

Our court researchers have experience using Wyoming's public access terminals to provide you with documents you need. 

We help you find the documents needed for your case. Some documents can be located by physically accessing the PAT terminal.

Call us to see how Sheridan Process Server Wyoming Investigation team can help your case.

Types Of Cases
Research Areas
  • Civil Cases

  • Criminal Cases

No case is too small. Anything you need investigated, we can deliver results.

*Fees are to be pre-paid and are non-refundable.

Why Choose a Private Investigator?

Choosing to hire a court researcher has many benefits.

A court researcher has is able to efficiently and effectively locate pertinent documents that may be otherwise obscured by an overload of information.

Who would want to hire a court researcher?

Many times the court clerk can provide you with documents if you have case information and charge a fee for documents that may not be needed. Our team helps identify useful documents and provide you with any information discovered during the research process.